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Pendulums are a beautiful and amazing tool used for dowsing, divination, fortune telling to seek answers to questions relating to matters concerning love, work, health etc.

How to attune a pendulum:
First choose a pendulum that feels right for you. Then cleanse the pendulum of negative energy by meditation, holding it under cool running water, or place in a glass bowl over rock sale or in water under the moonlight. Once you sense the pendulum is clean you can begin to use it. Please Note: Before cleansing your pendulum by various methods, make sure it will not harm the crystal or damage the findings.
To determine what means "yes," "no," or "unsure." Take note of the direction pendulum swings for each question, example for "yes" it may swing side to side.
You are now ready to ask questions that will establish objective responses. Make sure you ask questions that have clear and definitive answers. For example: "Am I male/female," Are my eyes brown." It may take a while to attune your pendulum. The more frequently you work with your pendulum the more precise your answers.



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